Saturday, 15 August 2009

Normal Service Will Be Resumed

As soon as the weather relents and decides to co-operate.

Is this really mid-August? It was with great reluctance that the heating went on last night for 30 minutes to take the chill of the house, the wood burning stove cannot come soon enough!

Managed to get outside for a few hours on Thursday, cut half the grass which hadn't been attended to for nearly three weeks and, thanks to the aforementioned rain, has been growing like a Triffid. Also moved most of the logs which have been stacked against the back of the house.

Last week I was able to work over half of the front bed (next to the pavement), taking out all the large stones and mixing the top soil that my young helpers shifted with the cow manure that's been in situ all summer. We now have a lovely planting medium and I've bought six huge bags of mixed daffodil and narcissus, goodness knows when I will get them in.

Currently enjoying driving rain and wind with gusts of 25mph outside, wouldn't want to be on the Fells in this - forecast predicts gusting over 50mph today; looking forward to a weekend of sewing!


  1. No rush for daffi bulb planting - do a few at a time, as long as they are in by will have a beautiful display next spring.

  2. Thanks Granny, trouble is, I know how time slips away and November is rather closer than I would like!

    Angela, suspect if you were up here in the tent you'd be considering going home by now. It is FOUL and Himself has just set off to Carlisle on his motorbike to have it serviced at some special place with super-duper tuning equipment. I'm about to follow to bring home a very wet a cold person ...

  3. Hi,I am visiting from matron's blog. I see you are the next recipient of Bilbo!He was here in ireland with me so I am looking forward to seeing your tour also.My sympathy on the loos of your friend Ollie,I have a king Charles called Sammy who is now 12 year sold and getting a little slow

  4. Only one thing to do in that weather then. Go sew.

  5. Only one thing to do in that weather then. Go sew

    ....and take photos, obviously.

    You know that you've made me think seriously about what I do when the weather is poor - and do you know, I don't know!

    Is the feeble brain so poor that I can't remember just a few months ago when it was too dark and cold to garden? Hmm...

    And thank you, Granny for the bulb reminder - I have daffs & tulips which I must NOT forget which are in the garage for replanting as soon as the summer bedding is out the way...

  6. Is the feeble brain so poor that I can't remember just a few months ago when it was too dark and cold to garden? Hmm...

    I reckon you read gardening books, devoured seed catalogues and made plans - certainly your lottie cannot have been so beautiful and productive this year without an awful lot of behind the scenes work.

  7. Has Bilbo arrived yet? I posted him on the 15th!

  8. Sorry Matron, I did not write to you because I knew you'd gone on holiday. Bilbo arrived safe and well and I have now completed a post detailing his antics since arriving at Bag End.


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