Monday, 10 August 2009

NGS Garden Visit, Mockerkin

A beautiful morning for this visit on Saturday, bright with a gentle breeze. It's the first time this garden has opened and the house is for sale, it will be a shame for the NGS if the new owners do not continue. There are relatively few open gardens in this part of Cumbria (most are in south-east) and I know the county organisers work very hard to find suitable gardens in the north west.

I was interested because it is half an acre, pretty much the same size and proportions as Bag End and I wanted to see how they coped with the wind and rain we get. The owners were so pleasant and happy to chat about the plants, all of which are hardy and survive the winter. That was helpful because it confirmed to me that many of the plants I would instinctively use are likely to be OK. Supposedly, this garden can be managed on an average of three hours per week . . .

A pleasant dry area - I'm guessing this has come about as a good way to use all the stones in the ground.

A well shredded hosta. Despite two small ponds there was evidence of a great deal of slug damage which surprised me. I think (and this is no criticism of the lovely people whose garden it is) that they have chosen the wrong type of hosta. The larger grey/blue varieties seem to be more resilient than these gentle variegated ones.

Vegetable area mainly dedicated to fruit

I'm sorry, I flippin' hate Monkey Puzzle trees.

Self-sown Meconopsis in the gravel. I was very good and didn't nick a seed head (they're not ready yet anyway!)

It was enjoyable but not a garden I would want; not enough wild areas, not enough trees, a bit too suburban for me.


  1. Wish I had the dedication to have a garden looking that good.

  2. Even a garden which is not your style can be very inspiring and give you lots of idea. I'm with you on the Monkey Puzzles!

  3. Hmm, does anyone out there like Monky Puzzle trees?

  4. Another vote against the monkey puzzle tree here, too.

    I liked the garden - a lovely floral display - however I wouldn't want it to be mine, as all I can see is how much grass there is to mow...

    The fruit cages are lovely - I bet they don't loose all their goosegogs to the birds!


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