Sunday, 23 August 2009

If wishes were horses -

then beggars would ride, and when I hear Ollie walk into the study I'd see him behind me when I turn around.

But that is not going to happen.

I find myself just sitting, and if you know me then you know that "just sitting" isn’t something that happens often, if at all. I've been trying to keep busy and occasionally succeeding but I cannot seem to concentrate or settle to anything. I've taken advantage of the inability to focus by trying to complete small stuff.

Apart from messing around aimlessly in the garden (cutting grass doesn't require much mental input) I quilted and bound the four "mini quilts" made from yellow strips. Two of them now live with SewAli and the other two are waiting to be wrapped and on their way to a new home.

Some small pieces of quilted fabric have been turned into book covers and I'm pleased with how they've come out. I'd like to think I will create some more as Christmas presents but there is always a good chance that won't happen.

I've attached binding to the brushed cotton fabric which was quilted at the end of July. Sadly, Olllie never got to use this and I will have to give it away as soon as it is finished. Having this quilt around hurts more than the big pile of oft-washed ones that he regularly used.

Made three foundation pieced blocks which will become the centres of cushion covers. I love the crisp accurate results that FP gives but really need to do more of it to get past how slowly I work using this method!

These Drunkards Path blocks were made about 7 years ago but I couldn't find any more of the cream fabric and ran out of enthusiasm. Finally they are pieced together, I'll quilt it up (the pale fabric is crying out for some cute little feathers). It might become a Christmas gift, not sure for whom, or it might join the ever-growing collection of quilted Christmas items.

Three straight borders are a complete creative cop-out but it makes the piece 36" square which is big enough to possibly be useful ...

I left the county for only the third time since moving North and went to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. The show was a big disappointment as there were significantly fewer quilts on display than in previous years and instead of staying four days as planned, I came home early. The M6 was horrible, not because of traffic, but because I found myself pulling into familiar service stations and automatically parking in the same place as the previous visit - which would have been a journey to or from the Lake District (pre-move) with Ollie in the car; that was really strange and I didn't enjoy it

Managment is now on holiday for a couple of weeks so we will bimble around and do family things, and maybe even get into the National Park and play tourist!


  1. Sorry to hear the quilting festival was a disappointment, although I'm sure meeting up with old friends was good for you. Mind looking at your local weather you certainly weren't missing out on any gardening or fell walking, so maybe you were in the best place for keeping yourself occupied last week.

    Strange how when we do trips often enough we stop at the same places.

    Love the Christmas looking quilts, next on my list of big projects to start is a CHristmas themed chart, I just have to decide which one.

    Enjoy your break with Management, hopefully the weather in your part of the country will be a lot more pleasant this week than it was last week and you'll get plenty done.

  2. Wonderful quilt pics - so you were listening! {grin}

    I'm sure that your 'just sitting' (which, I would think, is most likely NOT), and not concentrating is all part of the process ... go with the flow.

  3. Good grief. If this is what you achieve when you are just sitting and not concentrating.............

  4. Thanks girls, your opinions on my "just sitting" make me laugh.

    QuiltSue - be afraid, be very afraid {ha ha ha ha}

  5. I had the pleasure of stroking that notebook cover whilst having a drink and a chat at FoQ: It's loooovely, and ever so tactile!


  6. I only wish my 'just sitting' was as productive as your 'just sitting'! Take it a day at a time Bilbo, it will get easier. Really enjoying all your quilt pics, they are making me want to 'make' something!

    The middle section of my garden is looking decidedly bare. I think my management has secretly been reading your blog and decided drastic action needed to be taken here too!!! Jill xx

  7. love the book cover - and the father xmas

  8. Really enjoying all your quilt pics, they are making me want to 'make' something!

    Jill - you go right ahead - and you are not alone, Hazel is teetering dangerously close to the edge and may soon find herself with a needle and thread in hand!

    I think my management has secretly been reading your blog and decided drastic action needed to be taken here too!!!

    Who cares what motivated him - as long as it is getting done to your satisfaction and no body parts have come into contact with the chainsaw!


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