Monday, 10 August 2009

A Healing Weekend

Husband fulfilled a long-standing engagement this weekend and attended a family party, thankfully all our relatives know me well enough to have been very understanding about my need to stay home by myself.

On Saturday morning I visited a garden in Mockerkin which was open under the NGS

and then called in to see a friend on the way home. Very strange to be able to stop off to see her and not constantly be looking at my watch to check how long Ollie had been on his own. After dinner I successfully tortured myself for some hours by delving deep into my hard drive finding directory after directory of Ollie photos which I had forgotten about.
Rannerdale, 20th May 2008 (Ollie's birthday)
Tears, wailing, fairly hysterical. I threw a few items around my study and nearly broke a couple of things but thought better of it, and I came out the other side feeling a little different, a little healed. Can't explain it yet, too raw and too personal but it is progress.

Spent Sunday finishing up some quilting projects.

The binding is now on Yellow Peril and it is ready to go to it's new home. I have not hand finished the binding to the back - the friend for whom it has been made often used to do my hand-finishing in return for quilting so I think she will get the joke when I send her a "not quite completed" gift. Must get a decent picture of this, and of the quilting before it goes.

I worked on some small blocks for a project that my quilt group, Wordsworth Quilters, are making.

Constructed four mini-quilts from Yellow Peril left-over strips. Still have a huge quantity of strips cut and no significant dent in the yellow FQ's!

When quilted and bound these will finish up around 16" x 12" - perfect for placemats


  1. You have been busy. Love the blue blocks.

  2. That garden looks lovely. Did you get loads of new ideas from it?

    The Yellow Peril is great, and if the recipient doesn't like it I will volunteer to take it off your hands, in the interests of friendship you understand?

  3. Thanks Angela,

    Sue, in the interests of friendship, I am sure you'll understand if I tell you to make your own {phnar, phnar, phnar, phnar - sorry, been taking spelling lessons from Flummery!}.

    Hang on, I just re-read that comment - you actually WANT to live with a quilt that has about 70 different fabrics in it? Good Lord, the girl's completely come over to the Dark Side {giggle}.

  4. I must be suffering from the same malaise as Sue, I also love the yellow peril! I think it's because it's controlled scrappy, just one colour group, rather than anything goes.

  5. "Sue, in the interests of friendship, I am sure you'll understand if I tell you to make your own" you said, to which I reply


    You can't blame a person for trying though can you?

  6. QuiltSue: If Flummery won't send me Orlando Bloom (she says she hasn't finished with him yet) then I'm not sending you Yellow Peril!

    Sewali: I am getting REALLY worried about you as well {giggle}


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