Monday, 31 August 2009

Bilbo's Next Host

Bilbo is completely exhausted, he thought Matron was sending him to the Lake District for a nice break in the country and found himself travelling almost from one end of England to the other!

A sleepy Management was persuaded to draw a name.

Bilbo is hoping that his next hostess will treat him with the respect that should be accorded to a fat little gold gnome and is looking forward to a civilised break in the lovely city of Gloucester with nipitinthebud. By the look of her blog she's a much better cook than me and has a fantastic allotment for Bilbo to explore, I rather think he is going to like the next leg of his World Tour.


  1. hip hip hooray, we look forward to welcoming you Bilbo. We're in Germany until Tuesday so you might like to take the scenic route so you don't beat us back!

  2. Looks like he might be drinking a lot of tea when he get's there.

  3. Ohhh, he can sleep while in the post! What a fine tour you gave him. ~Paula

  4. Hi, I enjoyed reading about Bilbo's tour and I love the explanation of a 'sneck'!

  5. We always said the 'sneck' to be lifted was the latch on the lavvy door - strong beers go through fast!

  6. and don't forget the biscuits Angela :o)


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