Tuesday, 11 August 2009

An awful lot of laundry!

Unless this is your first visit to Bag End you know that our darling Ollie had A Very Large Number of Quilts to lay on!

The last few days have been warm and dry, therefore there has been a great deal of washing machine action (and that's before I started on the mountain of laundry that Himself and I managed to create in the last 10 days or so). Thank goodness quilts do not need ironing, unlike the pile of domestic laundry waiting to have it's creases removed.

I felt it right to wash all Ollie's quilts although doing so made me terribly sad. Before every single quilt went into the machine I bunched it up and stuck my head into the fabric breathing in deeply - but not once could I smell him. Himself reminded me that we kept our Beardie very clean; whether he was clipped or with a full coat I groomed him properly at least once every week, often twice and every day there was feet cleaning, a flick of the brush, or the clipping out of a knot or tangle. He had regular baths and friends often commented that our house never smelt "doggy". So it is not surprising that none of the quilts smelled of Ollie, but I did so want to breath in his own personal scent, just once more.

These are the Ollie Quilts after laundry, there are 21 quilts in this pile. A small number of them are going to be given away to special people who have Hairy Four Paws of their own. The most worn, faded and much used will stay with me, which is at it should be.

The guest room already contains A Very Large Number (I am not telling how many) of huge Really Useful Company tubs in which lots of my quilts are currently stored - I am not quite sure where I am going to store this lot!

During a bath (he is not anywhere near as sad as he is pretending to be). These pictures were taken some years ago and, in looking back at old photos, we've been surprised/shocked to see how much his coat changed in later years.

Of course these pictures are out of focus - they show Beardie in Manic Mode rubbing his face against the towels! He absolutely loved this bit of bath-time.

After a bath: crashed out exhausted after the ritual "fight" with three large towels and a lot of running backwards and forwards around the house so he can wipe his newly cleaned muzzle on as many different bits of carpet as possible.

I lay an old duvet cover on the bed so how does he manage to get his snout on an almost white quilt? He "always" lays at the top of the bed against the pillows - but not this time!


  1. I love how they can look so sad when they have a bath. But why do they always need to run round the house while still wet? I used to get soaked at that stage.

    By the way, I relly think you should fess up about how many quilts you have in those Really Useful boxes.

  2. Ha ha! What brilliant pics! Ollie looks like such a longsuffering boy in the bath!

    Oh, and with regard to the number-of-quilts issue, what we really need is some photos.

    ps word verification is 'niffses'!

  3. Wow his coat was much darker when he was younger. Obviously his version of going grey was to go fawn.

    There are times in my son's life when Ollie was probably cleaner then him. My teenage son, water and soap seemed unable to meet on a regular basis no matter how much nagging I did. Thankfully that has now changed.

  4. Sue - you've seen the boxes, you don't REALLY think I am going to empty them all out and count the contents, do you? If I'm not prepared to tell you how many boxes there are I'm surely not telling you how many quilts I've got stashed away {giggle}

    Hazel, I might photograph some of his quilts but they're mostly very rough & ready utility things, experiments, tops thrown together on a wet Sunday to use up left-overs . . .

    Angela, in places his version of going grey was to go nearly white! I shall never complain about my grey hairs again (well, I probably will but not soon)

  5. "they're mostly very rough & ready utility things, experiments, tops thrown together on a wet Sunday to use up left-overs"

    Pay no attention to her ladies and gentlemen. The ones I've seen are gorgeous.

  6. Bilbo, If quilts don't need ironing, can you make me some quilt clothes please?

  7. Well he looks really really happy to me. I recognise "labour of love" under his snout!

  8. QuiltSue, we really are going to have to have a deep and meaningful conversation about the difference between the lovely quilts you make, and my utility ones!

    Rachel, you don't want quilted clothing - think Michelin Woman, not flattering!

    Thanks Tracey, eagle-eyed as ever. True, on this occasion he was not laying on a "utility dog quilt"


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