Thursday, 23 July 2009

Yellow Peril - continued

Whoops, I may have overdone it just a tad with this quilt . . . SewAli is going to have palpitations when she sees it!

This is my first look at the blocks on the design wall (doesn't that sound grand - hah - it's a flannel sheet hung over a rail above the wardrobe). This quilt is being made as a gift for a mad friend with a crazy sense of humour and I intended it to be a "fun" quilt. Hmm, I didn't expect it to be quite so insanely in-your-face and over the top. I don't normally make anything quite this fast but it has been very cathartic over the last few days to get back into "fabric mode", it is months and months since I did this. Perhaps I can use that as an excuse for my outrageous fabric choices? Could I plead temporary insanity and being very out of practice?

Now comes the long process of turning blocks around and moving them about until I have an arrangement that pleases me. Once I've settled on a layout I can sew the blocks into rows, the rows to each other and TA DA - another quilt top waiting to go on the sadly unused APQS Millennium (that's assuming I can even remember how to longarm quilt).

(This is not an easy quilt to photograph - it is more yellow and less orange in real life)


  1. It sure is bright, Bilbo, but I like it, it has enough of a common theme to qualify for "controlled scrappy" and that I can cope with LOL! It's certainly going to brighten up whatever room it's in. Can't wait to see it quilted :o)

  2. Who are you and what have you done with SewAli?

    I'm glad you don't find it too overwhelming, and amazed and delighted that you actually like it! I hope the recipient feels the same.

  3. I hope the recipient is gone to be given a pair of sunglasses with it.

  4. It's gorgeous! (Bet you never expected to hear me say that about a scrap quilt did you?)

  5. How summery - lovely!

    I see what you mean about the colours - going back to your 'don't panic' post the yellows/oranges are not as er..robust as they are in this pic...

  6. Lol Bilbo, that's gorgeous! I hope you are supplying headache pills along with it ,,,, only joking honest!!

  7. PS It gave me a headache trying to get my head around an FQ!!!


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