Wednesday, 8 July 2009

What attacks wasps?

I've been feeling a little smug following my apparent success as a Wasp Whisperer and checking on the nest every couple of days. Great to see the wasps had abandoned the soil pile and were gently working on the beautiful papery nest.

Smug feeling gone this morning - what on earth attacks a wasp nest?

There is a dead wasp next to the nest (top right of picture) and it looks like the structure has been pecked at - there is nest material on the ground.

Saw one little wasp crawling around inside but do not know if the damage can be overcome. Anyone know what could have done this?


  1. You'd have to be pretty brave to tackle a wasp nest, wouldn't you? Something that was after wasp larvae, I guess - so a bird pecking though perhaps? Badger? Your friend the weasely stoat?

  2. How about a green woodpecker - he goes after the ants in my grass - and red ant bite - just a thought.

    As Hazel says though it must be something very brave.

  3. Yes, I thought woodpecker - never seen a green one here but we have the occasional Greater Spotted visiting.

    Nest is now completely destroyed, later in week will post a picture of what is left. Very sad, I would have liked them as part of the Bag End wildlife community.

    Hazel - not seen any badger here!


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