Thursday, 2 July 2009

Too hot

The whole country is suffering from unpleasantly hot weather, according to the car it was 27 degrees on Tuesday when I went to Appleby for Hairy One's acupuncture. Way to hot to work outside so very little is being achieved which is hugely frustrating!

Have managed to rake up the scraggy bits which did not get burnt on Sunday and have offered all the spare ash to my neighbour who has plots at the village allotments.

Keeping on top of watering the few plants in pots (anything else can take its chances) and the salad crops I sowed three weeks ago are growing like crazy. Had the first lettuce thinnings and beet tops with supper last night and am pleased (and surprised) that I remembered to sow another set of salad crops; some are already germinating.

Order of perennial veg arrived from Victoriana Nursery yesterday morning and I waited until 9.00pm last night to pot up the little plants. The Asparagus (Jersey Knight) are OK and have good root/rhizomes

I think the Rhubarb (Victoria) will eventually pick up although it is a bit battered

and I am thoroughly disgusted with the Artichoke (Green Globe) plants.

Give Victoriana their due, when I phoned this morning and 'questioned' the condition of the stock, I was asked to send photos. Within an hour they had emailed back and are replacing everything I'm not happy with.


  1. Only 27? It's 30 plus here in London town. Nasty isn't it? I think the high humidity makes it feel even worse.

    How long before the first asparagus harvest then (other than not soon enough!)

    At least Victoriana know the meaning of customer service.

  2. I'm trying to think positively here - it would be much hotter if we were still in Hampshire! Oh, what I'd give for some good steady rain - when it does finally rain here the ground is so dry everything will run off.

    I'm not expecting lunch of fresh asparagus and poached egg (from Bag End hens) until 2011 . . . maybe a couple of spears next summer but don't hold your breath!

  3. Rhubarb looks fine - you might want to chop off the biggest leaf on each, I guess. Are you planting out straight into your beds, or into larger pots for the time being?

    The globe artichokes (resupplied, I would imagine) will recover from the journey well enough too, I would think - I'd be most concerned about the asparagus. I've always thought of it as a bit tricksy - although Flum the relaxed gardener might disagree! And no pinching spears off them next year! Patience!

  4. We grew our asparagus from crowns bought over winter so not at this time of year. I don't think it's easy to compare planting things in their dormant season with when they are actively growing. They were lovely. Sadly, we had just had out first harvest (year 3) when we move house and left our old allotment behind! If I even get a full allotment here I shall invest again.

  5. Nice to know they are happy to replace the damaged plants.

    Thankfully it has rained here and is much more pleasant.

  6. I did manage to do a bit of hoe-ing on one hot day last week. If you can cut the head of the weeds when it is dry and hot then they just die straight away! I had to drink about 2 pints afterwards though!


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