Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Replacement Plants

Two replacement Globe Artichoke plants arrived this morning from Victoriana Nursery.

They are in much better condition than the first two and have arrived quickly and well packaged.

I don't think I will ever like buying plants mail-order, I would much rather touch, feel, stroke and see for myself but that is not always going to be possible . . .


  1. well, they certainly look better than the first ones, don't they? Mail order is great for things like books and electrical type things, and even fabric, but for plants, obviously it's not so good.

  2. Nice to know they arrived quickly and are in much better condition than the previous ones.

  3. Great service though........from phone call, to pictures, to promise of replacement has only been a few days! Good for you - complaining and all that - I don't think I would have done it - I would just have nursed the originals along........but thats me.......a whimp!

  4. Thanks girls.

    Granny - even your tender ministrations would not have saved the original plants, must take a picture because this morning I think they are completed gone!

    As for complaining - now, can I be bothered to tell M&S that one of the packets of socks delivered yesterday contains 9 items - and there were meant to be 5 pairs? I probably won't bother, they were not expensive to start with, then on sale, but it did make me laugh!


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