Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ollie - quick update

Since his seizure last Wednesday he has definitely 'aged', he seems more frail and gentle collapses of the back legs are more frequent. Not surprisingly, he is sleeping 22 or 23 hours out of 24.

We went to Appleby yesterday for acupuncture but one day on there is not much sign that the treatment has energised him as it has done in the past.

Max and I are wondering whether he will pull through this or whether we have to face the final act of 'kindness' rather sooner than we would have liked. There have been many tears at Bag End the last few days.

I know the Old Man's extended family care what is happening to our Hairy friend, I just wish the news was more positive. I know this contradicts what I said on Saturday.

A glorious afternoon at Grasmere in May 2007 - much swimming to retrieve this lump of wood

And he was determined that it would fit in the back of the car and come home with us!


  1. Virtual huggles to you all from 300 miles away!

  2. Bilbo, I'm so sorry to hear what you are all going through. You know I'm thinking of you all and sending lots of {{{{hugs}}}}.

  3. Thinking of you tonight....this will be the hardest decision to make......hugs to both of you.

  4. We're all with you in spirit Bilbo, those of us with furry humans (most of us I think) know where you're at. {{{hugs}}}


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