Friday, 10 July 2009


Monday and Tuesday should have been good, productive gardening days; the crushing heatwave had passed on, errands mostly done, house picked up enough that I could leave/ignore what isn't done - even the ironing basket was uncharacteristically empty! However, I didn't factor in being ridiculously tired and I don't know why. On Sunday night I had visions of Raised Bed #4 being created but once I dragged myself into the garden I knew it wasn't going to happen - couldn't concentrate, physically tired, no point in fighting it . . .

Did achieve a few small things - front lawns mown, two more barrows of muck onto what will be Bed #8 - Asparagus Jersey Knight.

The rest of the week followed the same pattern, with any job I tried to do failing and leaving me with seriously painful shoulders - on top of everything else I have finally managed to aggravate an old injury which means that digging and heavy lifting are not on the agenda at present, by Thursday night I had admitted defeat.

Friday morning I went and had coffee with a neighbour who cares for two teenage foster sons - both of whom are looking for something to occupy them during the long summer holidays. Hello boys - this is a spade!


  1. I'm not suprised that tiredness has finally caught up with you Bilbo but what I am suprised at is that it took you till Thursday to admit defeat! silly girl - you could have been sitting sewing and listening to the radio till you felt better.........veggie beds can wait for two energetic lads I am sure!

  2. Thanks Granny - it has only taken 18 months! (or 2½ years if you include the time pre-move)

  3. Well, they do say "better late than never". Congrats on taking this route - much better than getting stressed about what's not being done.

    I do hope you are feeling better now?

  4. Thanks Sue, yes, feeling much less tired! It was good having the lads help yesterday (would post an update but Blogger won't upload pictures at present).

  5. Hope your let them do some of the fun stuff as well. Just think in a few years time the new Percy Thrower could be saying they developed their passion for gardening thanks to a summer spent working for you. There again. having experience of teenagers I can't but wonder how long it will be before they revert to type and a lay-in appeals more than digging.

    Make the most of them whilst you have them, they are certainly saving you a lot of time and energy.

  6. Hi Angela, I already know C. is not coming back {grin} but J. is due Tuesday afternoon.

    Who knows indeed, maybe this might trigger a desire to go to Newton Rigg after he leaves 6th form college?


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