Thursday, 2 July 2009


Are very special people and much valued. Especially the ones like James, who was visiting his own cottage last weekend in order to clean the carpets but coming to spend Sunday with us.

Sometime during Saturday night, dear Hairy Dog had an upset tummy (according to his vet Helen Gould this is really common in hot weather) and my first thought was that the sitting room carpet would have to be replaced.

A quick early morning phone call meant that Red Betty jumped into the back of the car, worked hard on our carpet, and 97% of the damage is removed (although we do expect to have to replace the carpet when we eventually refurbish the room).

Thanks James, we now have our own Red Betty, delivered this afternoon. It is too hot to assemble her and way, way to hot to put her to work!

Whilst I was cleaning carpet, James was helping Husband in the garden but it was waaaay too hot for them to do as much as they would have liked.

He also brought me a copy of The Barefoot Beekeper which I have been wanting for a long time but just not managed to get around to purchasing for myself. It is a BRILLIANT book and, in my not so humble opinion, definitely the correct way to keep bees.

And the following day, my lovely friend QuiltSue came for a visit. We had (nearly) two days of laughing, sight-seeing and talking quilt, and she was very naughty and brought me a lovely present. Knowing how much I love wood, this little trinket box is beautiful.

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