Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Did I have this much energy at 16?

Actually, I probably did but it's a long time ago and I cannot really remember. Tuesday was a nearly perfect gardening day - we had a little more rain in the night that was very welcome, still need much more but it is better than nothing, and the weather was brilliant - sunny, but some cloud cover, warm but not hot, and a gentle breeze.

In the morning I did more work preparing the 4th raised bed; finished the frame and dug over the bottom to one spit deep removing another bag full of stones and left-over cherry tree root (which thankfully is definitely dead!)

J. was due at 2.00, I heard the latch on the gate at 1.57pm. This young man has an amazing work ethic and we struggle to make him stop for a rest and a drink. He barrowed more cow muck up that slope for me, and I've made much more progress sifting through the soil pile as I add it back into the bed. This is how it looked at finishing time with the next layer of manure added.

J.'s next job was to empty numerous bags of stones which have been picked out of the soil into the Dowsing Pit - might as well make use of it and by accident I am creating an area with extremely good drainage - who knows what I might end up growing on top of it!

He then set to on some small piles of logs which had been stacked at the back of the house for the last year. Under the eaves and out of the wind & rain they have seasoned very well and J. commented that they did not weigh anything - which might be why, by the time we sent him home, the Log Store was very nearly full!

As we now have a date for work on installing a Multi-Fuel stove to commence (11th August), the timing is perfect. When the shed is built it will protect the front of the store from wind and wet but in the short-term I may hang some of that rush-screening across the front.

Am delighted to see how well Sunflowers are growing up here, most of the neighbours have one or two bird-planted invaders growing in a sunny corner. They are one of my favourite flowers to grow - so in your face and outrageous I cannot see them without smiling.

The honeysuckle outside my study is flowering its little heart out and the evening scent is glorious.

My wonderful young labourer is coming back on Friday afternoon. Sadly, I don't think this will inspire him to take up a career in horticulture, this morning he was at the Sixth Form College for an induction day and I asked him what subjects he is interested in - mathematics, advanced maths and physics - OK, not gardening then!


  1. But if he does take to gardening, with a maths a physics background, he could revolutionise it!

  2. Do you find that raised beds tend to be a bit dry?

  3. If he's doing maths & physics maybe he could apply his brain to solving your levelling problem as surely that involves the application of both subjects.

  4. Flummery, he already knows a surprising amount about gardening, I might pass on your suggestion.

    Matron, I've heard this said about raised beds but have not had mine long enough to know if it will be true. The inside of the boards is lined with DPC to protect the timber but it may also help conserve moisture?

    Angela, good point . . . maybe when he's finished moving soil I shall offer him a new challenge? {{LOL}}


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