Monday, 13 July 2009

Darn dog

No, I don't mean that at all, but I do - if you know what I mean ?!?!

It might be difficult to see but this picture shows toes - toes which have been licked and licked and licked and licked until they become sore and nearly all the hair is gone. We have cut away some of the hair to find out whether he had a cut, tick or an insect bite but he is responsible for most of the defoliation!

I cannot blame Ollie for doing this - the arthritis has spread to his toes, we can see bumps on the joints just like a human gets on fingers. It must be so sore for him, I cannot blame him for licking.

I cannot work out how to stop it either - we've tried socks, he either pulls them off or chews through them. I will not condemn him to constantly wearing an Elizabethan Collar (plastic lamp-shade type thing), when he was fit & healthy and occasionally needed one after surgery he was forever banging into door frames and walls - cannot subject him to that now.

Another conversation with Clare at Millcroft I think . . .

Poor baby, I'm sure he hates getting old as much as I hate seeing him age.


  1. I am sure Clare will come up with an idea - don't despair........poor ole man is having as much trouble with his extremities as I am! and I put my fingers in my mouth to ease the pain too.......I can't do it with my toes though! VBG! even though they huirt too.

  2. Poor Hairy One. I hope Clare has got a solution for him.

  3. Tell Ollie I really feel for him, especially as the wet weather has brought my arthritis on and it's actually in my big toe at the moment!!


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