Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Blog-lag: a 21st century phenomena familiar to and regularly suffered by many of my acquaintance who are trying to build gardens/quilts/whatever and find there are just not enough hours in the day to do all the work AND keep a diary about it!

Which is why I am only just making a note of more much appreciated help given to us last weekend by James.

Whilst Red Betty and I made haste in the carpet-cleaning department, James laboured in unbearably hot sun with Management to clear more Leylandii brush in preparation for that nights bonfire and then decided that whilst they were outside, it was time for another conifer to hit the deck ...

Now you see it:
we've hated this conifer ever since moving in but have had other "priorities"
Now you don't:

and the stages in between:

Blog-lag - just you wait, if "Delia" can secure a place in the Collins' English Dictionary then it is only a matter of time before Blog-lag finds it's way in!


  1. And there I was thinking all tree felling activities had ground to a halt!!

    How many do you have left to fell?

  2. More bonfire fuel? - when you gonna get quilting again Bilbo?

  3. I don't think she'll be quilting again till the deep mid-winter Sewing Granny. I reckon only snow is likely to stop her finding something to do in the garden.

  4. Don't think snow will stop her getting out into the garden, she'll probably be out shovelling the stuff up.

    I thought she moved north to do some fell-walking, just as well the're not going anywhere!!

  5. If I can do raised bed plot construction in the snow, then I'm sure that a determined Hobbit can!

    Mind you - at the rate things are moving, do you not think that all the construction bits will be done by then, girls?

    She'll be back with quilting and incomprehensible stitching talk before your know it, and you'll have to put translations up for us poor gardeners!

  6. Oi you lot, will you stop talking about me as if I'm not here>? LOL!!

    Angela, Granny - bit by bit we will remove those horrible confirers from the very 1970's beds by the driveway.

    Thank you Hazel - at least someone understands me!

    Snow is not a problem - see early February if you have forgotten!


  7. Those stumps are just right for a beetle bump! We're making one next week with the Tuesday Club kids in the village.


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