Saturday, 18 July 2009

and this looks dangerously like real quilting

Raining first thing (hurrah!!) so decided not to garden, and, after the shock with Ollie, a huge need to do something gentle and creative in the house.

I have way more FQs* than I am prepared to admit to, but have decided to try and use them all up before I make inroads into the yardage.
Starting to make some fabric choices
Rather unimaginatively, this is going to be another Log Cabin quilt. Even more unimaginatively, it is going to be constructed in exactly the same way as Distorted Foodie (note to self - MUST send Angela a picture of that quilt!!) and the Lilac Log Cabin.

There are over 70 different fabrics and I have roughly cut four 2" strips of each (and frighteningly, not made a significant dent in the yellow stash . . . )

Construction is simple. the centre of each block is a square of Princess Mirah batik (that was meant to feature in Log Cabin quilt for Festival of Quilts . . . hmm, another missed opportunity). I take one piece of each fabric, dump them in a big mess and pick at random. Put all the used strips in a little pile, and when I have used the first group of strips I start again.

Although it might look a bit slap-dash and messy, every seam is set and pressed and the block is then trimmed before the next strip is added.

The view from my sewing room might be terrific but it is a dreadful place to try and take photographs - almost a whole wall of glass means the lighting is, err, unbalanced to say the least!

* Angela - A FQ is a quilting unit of measurement. It means Fat Quarter and is a quarter yard/metre of fabric, but not cut along the width. It is half of a half metre and therefore approximately 20" x 22".


  1. OMG that sounds way to complicated. Get back to gardening before my head goes funny!!

  2. Thanks. I actually knew what a FQ was as I'm starting to collect them to use for backing my cross stitch projects with.

    The rest remains a mystery to me but I'm sure if I keep following all your friends' quilting blogs I'll catch onto the lingo soon enough.

    I have a long way to go before I can even rival your yellow stash of FQ's.

    Was the food quilt the one that Ollie was lying on when he was on your bed earlier this week?

  3. This is going to be a gorgeous, sunny quilt. I look forward to watching it's progress. Well done on getting "back to your roots" (ohhh, groan........)

  4. Here's another gardener having to concentrate on the unfamiliar terms in this blog entry! Will you be posting pics up as you go to give us poor growers a chance to understand...? Makes bed rotation look positively easy!

    It'll be a very cheery quilt, looking at all the fabrics - lovely.

  5. Now come along girls, you're all panicing quite unnecessarily!

    Rachel. This is about as simple as it gets, way easier than removing wallpaper ('bout time you got a blog, girl!)

    Sue. Any more puns like that and I will lock you in a room with KF fabrics . . .

    Angela, don't worry about the FQ stash - I have been collecting for a worrying number of years! Well spotted with the food quilt, yes, that's in the "paws" picture.

    Hazel. You are creative, resourceful and have a sense of humour. Flummery and I have already told you these are prime skills for becoming a quilter. I am sure you will understand . . . but just for you, maybe tomorrow I'll do a Log Cabin 101 post . . . but not promising anything!


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