Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Utility Area

I shouldn't complain about the weather, especially when too much water makes the ground unworkable and progress reduces to absolute zero, but we really could do with some rain! Even though I said I'd not be distracted from working on the raised beds, I didn't fancy another morning in full sun, and the wreck of an area in front of the Log Store really needs straightening up.

It has been in this mess since the unsuccessful attempt to find our water mains, and the tree stump removal hasn't helped either. Some days when working on areas like this, whilst not effortless, things go really well and it feels easy. Today was not one of those days and I was very pleased at 1.00 to come in, have lunch, and go into town for an appointment.

I did find this lovely toad under a bit of turf and eventually persuaded Mr or Mrs Bufo bufo into a bucket lined with grass so I could move it to a nice damp & shady spot - under the Log Store.

I was "supervised" by this young Blackbird who was almost fearless and did good Robin impersonations by coming to within 2 feet of where I was working to look for worms.

If I'm going to move all this soil then I might as well do it when it's dry and I am not shifting the additional weight of water. I know the obvious thing would be to shovel the soil back into the hole from whence it came but I do have good reasons for leaving the hole open at present!

And finally, Mrs Stinky, who I finally managed to capture in the cupboard under the kitchen sink. She has resisted all sorts of bait up until now, but finally succumbed to the lure of a small bit of Mars bar. She was driven a couple of miles and relocated, perhaps she will find the other 7 or 8 of her brethren who have been similarly trapped recently and re-homed.


  1. Maybe Bag End needs a feline friend for The Canine One. Can't help but think Bag End Puss would be a fitting name.

    I assume the larch slabs mark the prospective boundary for the new shed...?

  2. For an intelligent man that is a very silly comment. No way we can have a cat. Now be a good friend and think of names for four hens for me . . .

    Larch slabs - shed - yep!

  3. James is ahead of me on the boundary-marking-out-q, which saves me asking it!

    I think that you should think about a cat (for future ref maybe) if only to use that most excellent name! {grin}

    Chooks would soon knock a mog into order anyway, and it should solve any Mr Stinky issues.

    But don't expect the cat to be a pigeon deterrent because experience says otherwise, round here at least!

  4. I have bad news, cats do catch mice, BUT if you don't want them in the house, don't get a cat!! We've never had so many mice running around as when the cats were younger, the number of playthings that escape from them indoors is amazing LOL. Thankfully Fatcat is getting too old and lazy now.

    Are you going to build your own shed Bilbo? I shall watch with interest :o).

  5. I know people say that a recolated mouse is back in the house before you are but we've only ever taken them down the road a few hundred yards and into the wood oposite and we've not had a homing mouse yet!

  6. I think Bilbo's rain dancing has finally paid of as the heavens have opened here in the Shire and remained open all day so far. I hope its enough to soak into those newly dug beds.

    Mr Photo.

  7. Hazel, do you think I could train the Bag End hens to be "attack hens" and get rid of pigeons (velicoraptor genes and all that?)

    Much as I joke, we will never have cats, if there are any other pets after Ollie (and the jury is firmly out on that one) it would be of the canine variety. Shame really, Bag End Puss is such a lovely name {LOL}

    Flum - I am taking no chances with the mice - they get a nice ride in the back of my car for at least two miles!

    SewAli, 'fraid we do not have your carpentry skills - shed will be purchased!

    Photo is right - heavens have opened here today but it is now brightening. Have been without LX since 8.30 but repairs seem to be finished and I can put the camping stove away.

    Perhaps there will be planting tomorrow ... ?

  8. I think you need to start ear tagging the mice when you catch them. It'll be the same one coming back each time!
    My first two hens as a child were Beatrix and Bertha, followed shortly by Chloe and Clarice, and then Speedy and Flapper. Does this help with inspiration? My naming skills have improved (I hope)since then!

  9. Rachel, your bird-naming skills are about as bad as James' (Bethen-hen - I ask you??).

    As for ear tagging the rodents, surely they cannot be returning from a 2 mile drive into Cockermouth?


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