Monday, 1 June 2009

Todays vet appointment

Ollie had an awful night last night, I think he couldn't get comfortable and turned round and round on his sofa until 4.00am when I got up and put him on the bed with me. He settled after that - what a surprise (not!). He wanted to get up around 8.00 which is unheard of and threw up most of his half-digested supper. Coupled with our noticing blood in his poo last night, I chucked the PLT tablets in the bin this morning and gave him a 20kg dose of Metacam.

Off to the vet after lunch and Clare is brilliant - we sit on the grass in Millcroft's car park and she comes out to see how Ollie is before we make him go into the surgery. Saves him getting all stressed in the waiting room and in the current heat that could be a very bad thing.

Clare agreed with my throwing the PLT away and gave him a thorough examination. She said the top of his left femur felt enlarged and that fits with the stabs of pain he has had all weekend.

We have agreed to go back to Metacam and increase the dose to 40kg per day (Ollie weighs just under 30kg). I suggested giving this to him in two doses to reduce the load on his metabolism and to spread out the effect. Clare thinks that's a great idea and has added pediatric formulation Zantac to his regime to help his tummy cope with the additional NSAID, I wonder what he will make of the peppermint flavour?

We're going back next Monday to review these plans and I'm happy that this seems to be the best we can do for Ollie at present. There is also the option to give occasional increased doses of Metacam if we think he needs it. Being blunt again, pain management and keeping him mobile now take priority over medicine side effects.

I gave him a small meal when we returned together with another quarter of his daily Metacam allowance and he has slept very soundly since then which is a great sign that he's in less discomfort. The fact he seems comfortable on the sitting room floor is really encouraging.

He's always enjoyed eating ice cubes and loves snow. At the weekend we helped him cool down with "slushy" scraped out of the freezer (OK, so my freezer badly needs defrosting - I've been a bit busy doing other things!)


  1. Hope the new regime continues to work for him.

    If the stuff didn't melt I could keep him in snow and ice for quite a while as well, but by the time it got from me to you it would be water.

  2. Well, today's outcome from the vet is pretty good, I think, on balance.

    You've tried with the PLT and that doesn't seem to 'fit' with Ollie (does that rule out full steroid treatment too?), but you know that the Metacam suits, and as you say, at this stage the benefits of the comfort it gives him outweigh the possible long term effects.

    Clare sounds like a real smasher, btw - how lovely to find a someone who goes 'above and beyond', and all that.

    Hugs to you all.

  3. Fingers crossed that the new regime will suit him better.

  4. Thanks all, now - who is off to defrost the freezer {grin}?

    Everyone at Millcroft Vets is great and we are very lucky with Clare - she even stopped me in Cockermouth Main Street once when shopping to ask me how he was.


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