Sunday, 31 May 2009

That's quite enough for one day!

Hottest day of the year so far therefore Hobbit spends much of it in full sun - digging!

By lunchtime I had nearly half the second raised bed dug out. Matted grass roots are still a problem but SewAli and Hazel are right in that each time I do this it will get easier.

By 4.30ish I had all the loose soil moved but it was too hot and I was waaaay too tired to clear out the remaining cherry roots and do any more.

The first bed has been covered to try and retain moisture in the soil. Looking forward to the forecasted rain midweek, want to get this soil compacted down and thoroughly wet so I can start planting.

Management didn't help with the digging - he deals with fierce heat about as well as I deal with lack of sleep but in between motorcycle races on TV (what would he do without Europsport?) he washed down more gutter and algae covered wall at the end of the house. How come you don't realise how filthy something is until you clean it? Pleasantly surprised to find that the paintwork is in very good condition.


  1. Wow what a difference with that wall. Mind that's the trouble with cleaning things because then you realise how dirty they had got.

    Gioven the heat of the last few days you've done really well to make such good progress with the beds.

  2. Uh oh, now you're going to have to wash down the whole house LOL. Don't worry, we've been out in the midday sun as well, I now have little red patches where I missed with the sunscreen ;o)

  3. Gosh that wall looks better. Hope your sunburn isn't as obvious as the clean patch!

  4. I can see how quickly your soil is going to dry out, even from that photo.

    Looks like you will be investigating mulching your crops (maybe with grass cuttings?) in due course - another interesting area for research!

  5. wow, you've both had a really busy and constructive day. It's all coming on brilliantly now.

  6. Thanks all, happily, Husband seems quite keen on gently working around all the house and I am busy encouraging him! That bit of wall near the back door was the worst of all, but it won't hurt to do the rest.

    Hazel, mulches will definitely be required - am always hesitant about using grass clippings but we certainly have enough here. How thick can I apply them before it goes into a nasty mess?

  7. You are both making a huge difference. Nice feeling isn't it? Even though the sun's hot I think we all feel better for the vit D. I always love a sunny day, anyway!

  8. Grass clippings was my first thought too - but I'm not sure that they would be ideal.

    I'd see what Mrs F thinks, or post the q on the Grapevine.

  9. I might get some of the brash from your tree felling shredded for that job.

  10. re: mulches. Rachel, thanks for your 'professional' opinion about using grass - in truth, I am not terribly keen and would rather mix it into the compost heap and leave it.

    Flummery, don't want to use the conifer waste because they definitely rot down into stuff which inhibits germination - not what I want in a raised bed!


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