Monday, 15 June 2009

Taking it easy

Granny will be pleased to see that I have taken it easy over the weekend. The only activity at Bag End was a pleasant couple of hours cutting grass paths on Sunday morning which had to take account of the clover being in flower (and covered in bees, hurrah), and the addition of cardboard to the compost heap to mix with the grass clippings.

Management did as much brush cutting as he could but it was very hot and he was working in full sun, so we both agreed that stopping was a really good idea before he got heat stroke!

On Sunday afternoon I wandered along to the village allotment site to take advantage of their annual Open Day. Very pleasant time wandering around being terribly nosy and getting a few ideas. Like all "traditional" sites, there is more than its fair share of corrugated iron and mess, but those plots which are well-tended and cared for are an absolute credit to their owners.

Lovely to see parsnip which had been left to go to seed; a tall plant with celery-like leaves and a mass of yellow flowers at eye-level which were covered in bees, definitely worth growing parsnip just to leave it! (No photos, just wanted to wander around quietly)


  1. Are you alright? These are the sort of activities us more feeble members of the human race undertake. Sounds far too relaxing for a hobbit.

    It really is starting to look more like a garden and alot less like a an area of forest that has just had the tree fellers go through it.

    It really doe sfeel like you've turned a corner.

  2. That's looking lovely, little Hobbit! Time to enjoy it I think.

  3. Angela, this IS what I do to relax!

    You're right, we have turned a corner, just a little one, but the finishing line is still a very long way off.

    Flummery, sitting with a cuppa listening to all those bees - absolute bliss!


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