Saturday, 6 June 2009


Despite the focus of the last week being on baby birds and raised beds, our gorgeous Red Squirrel are still visiting and eating well.

All credit to Prince Charles who dared this week to say the unsayable in support of the CLA - Grey Squirrels should be culled until they are eradicated from a country where they do not belong. Perhaps now that the financial damage they are doing to the timber industry is being recognised some action will be taken - we live in a world where profit and bottom-line still carry far more weight than what is right and environmental issues. For years grey squirrels have benefited from a good image and public perception that they were cute little creatures, it is time for that to change.


  1. Hi Bilbo,

    I was surfing around the net looking for scaffold boards and found a topic you took part in regarding the tanalised boards you bought...I tracked back to here for a look and have spent a most enjoyable hour or so flicking through your blog.

    I'm in Cumbria too and thought I recognised some of the views in the photos you posted, now I know why as it would appear I'm less than half a mile from you! Slightly up the hill next to the Church ! ;)

    I must get you a link so you can see what we have been doing to our little garden in the last year since we moved in, keep up the good work Bilbo, both in your blog and Garden.


  2. That is wonderful! makes me proud to be British! anyone for grey squirrel pie?

  3. Thanks all,

    Photo - strewth, how loudly can you say "small world"? I'm sure you appreciate that I keep our exact location and ID out of the blog - are you near the bungalow that is being rebuilt? You can email me from a link on the right (under 'Images') if you want.

    Matron and Sue - thanks girls! Glad it's not just me who feels strongly about this.


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