Thursday, 25 June 2009

Satisfying Day

I may not have been happy about sleeping for most of yesterday, but the additional zzzzz's don't seem to have done me any harm! An early start, much helped by light cloud and a gentle breeze meant that the remaining brush pile at the front of the house was no more by mid-afternoon.

All chopped and moved to the bonfire area.
Strewth, that's a mess. We're hoping to have a burn Sunday evening, weather & wind permitting. Fingers crossed for us - I so want to see the back of all this rubbish.

Still a lot of timber to move but that will not actually take long once I/we get started.

Made a start on cleaning up the biggest cherry tree stump (knocking the earth out of it)

and cut away a lot of dead Escallonia to let this lovely self-seeded Yew get some much needed light and air. Need to add a barrow of cow-muck and some pelleted chicken manure to the bottom of it, will do that tomorrow.


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  2. A very productive day.

    If I see smoke billowing in the far distance on Sunday I'll know that it's you!!

  3. I can see real progress now. What a difference from the photos from when you first moved in.

  4. Thanks girls, I often go back and look at last years photos - sometimes it's the only thing which stops me giving up in despair!


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