Friday, 5 June 2009

Progress this week

Progress this week on the raised beds has been slower than I would have liked (but patience has never been my middle name). The unexpected heat and relentless sun have made moving soil very hard work but I now have two beds completed and a third started.

Husband did ask me if I wanted to do the remaining beds less thoroughly - it's a temptation but if I take shortcuts the only person I am cheating on is me. If I stick with it then (in theory) I will need to nothing to this area except add manure and mulches for the next (numerous) years. He also asked if I wanted to leave the beds and work somewhere else. For the time being I am going to slog on in this area. Far too often in the last year we have left a job half-finished for various reasons (all of which are usually quite sound at the time!) Trouble is, when I look around at incomplete projects all over the place I get quite fed up and demoralised so this time I'm going to try to stick with it.

And with this view to accompany me, is it really so bad?


  1. Any progeress in the heat that we all experienced at the start of the week is to be admired.

    If you've had the rain we're currently experiencing the beds will certainly of had the good soaking you were waiting for.

  2. Admired - are you sure you don't mean pitied? I am/was bonkers to work in such heat but if I don't keep at it the dratted things will never be finished. We've had some rain but not much.


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