Saturday, 13 June 2009

New Visitors

Two very welcome new visitors this week.

A young House Sparrow who has taken a liking to the Soft-Billed mix we put out for Blackbirds and is developing a taste for Sunflower Seed hearts.

There are a few nesting in a nearby Rowan tree and I have been hoping that the Bag End buffet would encourage them. Sparrow Hotel nesting box next . . .

We have also seen this beauty a couple of times, now known as Fork Tail.

He/she is fat and beautifully coloured, small ear tufts so not a baby. Not bothered by me crawling around on the grass to get closer for photographs either. There are some very obvious nipples in the third squirrel picture and the one below - wonder if this is a Mum who has been nursing?

And lots and lots of Blackbirds EVERYWHERE.


  1. LOL !!! I think it might be the consantly replenished All You Can Eat Buffet that is the attraction.

  2. Fork tail is a little cracker isn't she, would love to meet her through my camera lens one day.

    Mr Photo.

  3. That is one glossy squirrel!

    Do you think that they keep a mirror handy to check that they are looking their best before coming out to the belly-buster-buffet as provided...? {grin}


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