Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Kingfisher update

I've just spoken to Terry who runs Wetheriggs which is a nearby wildlife animal rescue and conservation centre.

His advice is not to move the Kingfisher, they are very easily stressed and transferring it into a box for the night could be enough to kill it. At his suggestion I have put lots more protection around the cage - I had left things so the bird could get out if it wanted, now I have added layers of towels to keep out wind and rain (all those old towels kept for wiping wet dogs are very useful).

We will see how things are in the morning and I have instructions to phone Terry early tomorrow and we'll make some decisions then. It's 40 miles each way to the Centre - I wonder if I'll be going for an unexpected drive? I do hope that our beautiful little visitor has perked up enough to fly away at breakfast time.


  1. So - biting my nails for more news. Hope it's good?

  2. I'm wearing my F5 key down here...

    And yes, on the drive in this morning the weasely stoatey thing crossed my mind too. Everything crossed.

    For those with no nails left Jayne has asked me to put this update in the Comments.

    At 10:55 Jayne called me from Wetheriggs with this update on Mrs Kingfisher.

    She has a broken wishbone, probably as the result of a window strike and is expected to heal over the next week. She is being kept warm, and has managed to eat a prawn (apparently kingfishers have a penchant for prawns) already. Hopefully this progress will continue and she will build up her strength.

    As she's a youngster from this year's brood, she will be released back at Bag End where all being well, she should breed next year.

  4. That is fantastic news - but keeping fingers very much crossed for continued progress.

    Thank you for the update, James.

  5. Great news! So the moral is - if you really feel you must fly into a window, Bag End is the place to do it!

  6. I am so glad that the little bird has made it through the night - they are so beautiful. Hope fully she will make a full recovery.

  7. Thanks James, hope you saved what was left of Mrs Flummery's fingernails!

    Guess you will have now seen the full update, "Kingfisher Rescue".


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