Tuesday, 2 June 2009

It will rain tomorrow

Management working at home this morning therefore I was able to nip out to the shops and leave the doors and windows open to try and get some ventilation through the house - if anything, it is hotter today.

Morrisons, B&Q, Matalan, Aldi, Dunelm Mill, Steves Paints and finally Focus DIY where I found the required item:-

Ollie has already deigned to step into it and have a drink but not laid down yet. At Clare's suggestion we have put an old bit of carpet in the bottom, and Himself thought the little stool would mean I could sit in the pool which will encourage Ollie to stay in it. We'll see . . .

Our Canine One is much better today; aided by yesterday's huge dose of Metacam he slept really soundly all night and indications this morning are that the internal bleeding has stopped (trying to be delicate here!) He does not, however, think there is any universe in which he should be expected to ingest peppermint flavoured liquid Zantac. Fortunately there is a tablet alternative which can be hidden in a treat.


  1. Amusing really - just a couple of months ago you were shivering as the ageing boiler struggled to cope, and now you're baking!

    Ah, inflatable + claws = deflatable, good idea on the carpet.

    Hope his Hairiness cools down sufficiently and relaxes in his makeshift tarn.

  2. Looks like fun.

    In fact if I'm quick can I come up and join him!!

    Glad Ollie had a good night.

  3. The things we do for our furry families LOL. Hope he enjoys it.

  4. Looks like a good idea. Is there room for me in there too?

  5. Poor Ollie. I've just caught up with your last few postings about him. I hope he is going on OK.
    The paddling pool looks great. I did the same thing for my beloved elderly Springer Spaniel, Treddy, many years ago, only no-one suggested carpet. She loved the pool, but one day slipped really badly as her back legs were losing their strength. It nearly tore my heart out. So a Big THUMBS UP for the carpet, just make sure it's big enough not to slide around!!

  6. Thanks all, cannot claim credit for the carpet idea. It was a suggestion from the vet - she says it is how she used to protect the pool when her children were small!

    Rachel, I know exactly how you felt about Treddy. It is heartbreaking when you see a fall or stumble and know it has hurt them and there was nothing you could do to help/prevent.


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