Thursday, 25 June 2009

Is this what I think it is?

Found this afternoon in front of the Log Store. I confess my first thought was that it had been a bollus of grass, eaten by Hairy One and sicked up to make himself feel better.
Then I noticed the wasps crawling around it.

I touched it gently when the wasps had gone - soft, dry and papery. It is about 4" across and 1½" thick. Tomorrow I will make a big chicken wire cage to protect it and ensure that Canine Person does not accidentally stick his nose where it most definitely would not be wanted!

I did a Google search for 'wasp nest' and disturbingly, all but one result on the first page was how to kill a colony and get rid of a nest. Only one Consulting Entomologist pointed out that wasps can be regarded as beneficial insects because they kill a huge number of flies, caterpillars and other insects. They are also great pollinators so I will leave well alone for as long as possible, if this colony develops it will die off in the winter anyway.


  1. We had one in the shed once! We left it there. The only down side was that the wasps were scraping away the wood of the shed door to make that lovely papery structure. Works of art in my opinion. I couldn't make one that good in papier mache which is what it boils down to.

  2. These guys have very sensibly located next to the log store (plenty of wood) and a HUGE pile of completely dried tree root. You're right, they are works of art and I have always wanted one (or more) in the garden.

    Assuming this one is not abandoned when I move it, which sadly, is going to have to happen, next year I shall hang it in the shed or greenhouse just because it is pretty to look at.

  3. I think I have been told that they don't return to nests the following year - so moving it will not cause any problems if that is true.........

  4. you're right, they will not return next year, what I am concerned about is that moving the nest will cause them to abandon it. That's a job for tomorrow, wish I didn't have to but the nest cannot survive all season where it is.


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