Wednesday, 24 June 2009

How did I miss this?

Delight today at finding another Common Spotted Orchid growing strongly in the middle of a patch of unmown grass.

We now have this lovely at the front (smallest plant, gets baked in the sun), behind the house and now at the side. If you know Bag End, this is the view from the back door and the cage protects todays find.

So, green space that used to be cut to within an inch of its life by the previous owners now sports Dactylorhiza fuchsii, buttercup, speedwell, self-heal and a mass of clover whose flowers are being thoroughly enjoyed by the bees. This has cheered me up no end because I am having the worst hayfever day I can remember suffering in years - stinking headache, sore throat, runny nose, out of focus eyes - I flippin' hate Oilseed Rape and was surprised and dismayed to find that it is a more common problem than I had realised.


  1. because your garden's so jolly massive and your always busy. I bet it's well protected now.

  2. Thanks Angela, yes - "new" orchid is well protected with another of the anti-jackdaw cages.

    If it wasn't so hot I would go to the builders' merchants, buy timber and make some little cages for the plants and then I could go back to using the green cages to keep the corvids off all the food . . . like you say, we're always busy and there is ALWAYS something else to do!

  3. Himself suffers from severe hayfever - including bad nose-bleeds after a big sneezing bout. Sad, since he's a recorder for the Botanical Society of the Britsh Isles so can hardly stay indoors all summer!
    Lovely orchids.


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