Wednesday, 3 June 2009

How a blog travels

The original Bag End blog was always designed to be my diary, a record of progress we made in the garden and a way of being able to look back and reassure ourselves that slowly, we are making a difference!

The "other" Bag End blog came out of a desire to share pictures of the stupendous view with friends and family, and I didn't want to dilute the gardening/wildlife focus of my gardening journal. It didn't take long for quilts to creep in as well, and of course we can hardly leave out the most important member of the family - at times it is almost the Ollie-blog!

He's a lovely fella, and all his life has made friends wherever he went, however I never realised his popularity would spread quite so far. . .

I received this wonderful note from my gardening friend Hazel who says: "Thought that I’d forward you this extract from an email my big sis has just sent me…"

You've been really busy on the allotment. I check in every few days and also have a look at the Funny Farm and Bag End - I wonder how many people are silently following Bag End to keep an eye on how the Hairy One is?

I don't know how many "silent friends" Ollie has collected, but if you can get your head around quantum mechanics, and believe that everyone and everything are connected at the most basic of levels, then surely all those who care about Ollie are making a difference. Thank you to Helen, and to each and every one of his extended family.

He adores boats, Easter 2007 we were here on holiday and hired one of those little boats on Coniston.

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