Sunday, 14 June 2009

Germination: Is this a record

The Swiss Chard and Morning Glory were sown at 2.00pm on Wednesday. The first Morning Glory (Grandpa Ott) was poking through the compost at 9.00pm on Thursday night - that's a mere 30 hours!

Sunday morning they are romping away, and seven out of 12 Swiss Chard are visible.


  1. I think it's a sign. You are being rewarded for all the effort you've been putting in. Now you have some of these beds down I think you've definitely reached a turning point - you are most certainly in a position where you will soon be able to reap what you sow.

    How's the Common Spotted doing? Down here they're nearly fully opened. Bees & Pyramidals next for me.

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  3. Is this really the same blog, your actually growing things and not destroying them. Very strange!!!

    You clearly have the magic touch.

  4. Thanks guys, it's good to see that Hobbit's green paws are still working well!

    James - Common Spotted doing fine and I think one might be in flower for your visit in two weeks time (do you have the Macro lens back??)

  5. I'm sowing some Pak choi this evening....if I cant see them by tomorrow night...I'll fetch some round Monday morning for you to work your magic on.

    Maybe you should grow "Tree ferns" from seed, you could corner the market, become fabulously rich and have a weeder/lumberjack on the staff. :)

    Mr Photo.

  6. Cor!

    And where were you when I wanted the HSL purple giant climbing french beans to germinate, rather than rot in the pots (twice!)? {grin}

  7. Sorry girls, always had green fingers and nice to know I haven't lost my touch.

    May I recommend having a sensible and caring chat with your seeds? I've been doing that as long as Prince Charles and they certainly seem to be listening {LOL}


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