Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A busy day for babies

Whilst I was out getting Hairy One's paddling pool, Management had the 'pleasure' of dealing with a baby blackbird which had wandered into the utility room and made it as far as the kitchen. I'm just relieved it didn't go into my sewing room - how can something so small sh*t that much?

At lunchtime we decided that our beautiful pheasant had been checking things were OK for the family:-

The hen hatched 10 or 12 chicks under a shrub in our neighbours garden and last weekend we saw her walking across the green with 5 or 6 of them. Having a weasel near ground nesting birds is not a good thing if you're the bird. Today Mum came and had a late lunch of mixed corn and then dust-bathed for half an hour, we saw at least two babies, there might have been a third but I didn't want to disturb her.
(James - this is SOOC, and yes, I am very pleased!)

The Blackbird nest in a log pile definitely has at least two young. Getting this picture involved clambering around the Log Store and hiding between an overgrown elder and the pile of recently unearthed tree stumps, not comfortable but necessary.

Sadly, there was a baby blue tit body on the lawn earlier.

It has been much too hot to work on the raised beds. I watered everything in tubs, tidied up the ever-expanding pile of tools that have been brought out of the garage and pulled up Forget-Me-Not in order to save the seeds (oooh, that felt like real gardening!)


  1. It's real tidy gardening - I leave forget-me-nots to scatter themselves. That's idle gardening!

    It's lovely watching baby birds isn't it? I'm really a bird person.

  2. Talking of watching birds - how are the Rock Chicks?

    (and the FMN's do scatter themselves, but I want them to reach a bit further!)

  3. It must be the season , my great tits fledged yesterday.

  4. Thanks Matron, I always feel it's a privilege to have all this new life using our garden as its home.


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