Monday, 29 June 2009

Bonfire, Sunday night

Not many words 'cos (a) it is hotter than Hades and I can't think and (b) dear friend due here shortly for her first visit to Bag End so that's me out of circulation for a few days!

Before: that pile is 8' deep, 6' high and about 40' long!

During: the whole lot was burnt, took until 11.30 because there was absolutely no wind and the fire was so hot that most of the time the blokes were standing around waiting for it to cool down so they could add more.

After: there's a lot of ash but there's also a lot more room down that end of the garden.


  1. That's some bonfire! That ash will come in handy, as you'll know, and what a difference to the garden view - another 'well done!'

    Now you have some quilting talk to catch up with, I think?

  2. Have a great time with Sue - i'm sure that she will have a great time with you!:-))

    what a lot of lovely ash to add to your veggie beds. BUT have you been the cause of our 30c heat down hear in the south? it's arms are sticking to the table my computer is on I am so hot - dont want to go to bed tonight....bed room like an oven!!

  3. The ash I don't use has been offered to my neighbour who has four plots at the vgillage allotments (they do VERY small plots up here!) and if there is sitll any left over she'll offer it to other lottie holders.

    As for the heat Granny, sorry, keep seeing all those thunderstorms forecast but none of the b*ggers have come here, wish we could have some rain, this is getting silly.


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