Monday, 8 June 2009

Bit of a Red Letter Day

Monday morning disappeared in a list of errands - taking about 20 bags of stones to the council tip, a few top-up groceries, a couple of bags of potting compost. By the time I'd come home, had lunch, and taken the Hairy Darling for his follow-up appointment at the vet (yes, need to update the Ollie-blog!), it was 3.30 and nothing achieved in the garden!

Wasn't in the mood for industrial scale earth-moving, therefore tiddled around with messy, clearing up jobs like moving the last delivery of larch slab.

Found that something, hopefully a squirrel but possibly a mouse, has been storing empty hazelnut shells under the timber. If small furry rodents think they can successfully live near my potential pea-patch they can think again. They'll get the same treatment as the little b*ggers who keep coming into the cupboard under the kitchen sink (live trapping and a 2 mile car journey, although the novelty is wearing off . . .)

Finally, to celebrate my return to real gardening ( ha ha ) I commenced this summer's succession sewing for salads - Lettuce (Merveille Des Quatre Saisons), Beet (Boltardy), and Spinach (Renegade),the latter two will be picked very young, plus Broccoli (Raab 60 day) and Carrot (Nantes 2) for the heck of it! I cannot grow root crops successfully in these beds this year because there is too much manure but a few pots will be nice. Need to arrange something more 'pigeon proof' but this will do for now. First vegetable seeds sown - definitely a RLD.


  1. Now I'm curious - what would the larch slab be for?

  2. I could tell you, but then I'll have to kill you {giggle}. You ~know~ what happens when I go public on any "plans" (that four-letter word again). Might whisper it privately though LOL!!

  3. Well, I'll be patient if it's something that is going to happen in the next few days - but you must promise to whisper to me if not...!


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