Monday, 15 June 2009

Being in the right place at the right time

Bumped into a chap from the allotments whilst at the Post Office.

"Hello lass, thar wants to git herself back to the plots, there's some lovely plants left over from yesterday"

Fortunate I was in the PO at exactly the right time, and doubly fortunate that the Hairy One had INSISTED on coming with me therefore I'd gone in the car (it's too far for him to walk). Off to lottie site to find two tables full of beautiful plants with a "donation" box which I added to. I saw one of the plot holders and asked if I could take "quite a few plants". Whilst she chatted to His Hairyness (who was holding court in the car!) I loaded up three Astilbe, something that is probably a Shasta Daisy, mint, parsley, hardy Geranium, Alchemilla Mollis (both great favourites) and a really sturdy Hazel.

Lovely time potting up the smaller plants (is this what they mean by green fingers?) They are all strong with good root systems.

Here are the new members of the Bag End family, well watered and waiting for me to find them somewhere permanent to live (it might be a long wait!)

Finally, in an attempt to make it rain tonight, I watered one of the raised beds. Just had a text from Rachel who is here on holiday - apparently it is hissing it down at Honister - which is not a lot of use to me!


  1. Good choices - that last one in particular, obviously! {grin}

  2. PS Don't know why you posted a pic of your hand - it looks entirely normal to me??

  3. I find that some days my hand looks like that AFTER I washed it!

    Good selection of plants there me dear.

  4. Glad you approve of the plants ladies. Hazel, I did think of you when I chose the last one.

    The amazing thing about the hand photo is, if you look closely, I still have fingernails - normally at this point in the gardening year they're all broken and split and have to be filed down very short!


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