Monday, 1 June 2009

And you think I'm daft?

Management was concerned about this beautiful male Pheasant.

He was running up and down the length of our back fence, but on the public side, yelling his head off - we think in anger - because he could see all the food at the Bag End Buffet but had not worked out how to get to it (oh, that's the pheasant running up and down - not Husband).

Yes, Husband went and opened the gate . . .

but it worked, and Ring Neck Pheasant spent a happy half hour wandering around, munching grain (there is mixed corn on the tree slice and much has been knocked to the ground by our family of Jackdaws who are back again to breed), and generally having a very good Sunday brunch.

I counted 12 Jackdaw on Thursday, only managed to photograph four of them at the weekend.


  1. Well I guess it just proves that your a well matched couple ;-)

  2. Um - they have wings, don't they...?

    Perhaps Management has been caught by the sun? If he feels so much for the pheasant, perhaps tossing a handful of grain over the fence every now and again would save a lot of gate-keeping...

  3. Pheasant proved itself quite capable of getting into the garden yesterday without gate and spent a busy half hour clearing up sunflower seeds from under the feeder. It took me a while to work out what the gentle 'bok bok' type of noise was, initially I thought a chicken had arrived from somewhere!

    Sometimes I do chuck grain over the fence but if it's in the garden then at least I get to see it eaten.

  4. There was a handsome male pheasant on our allotments yesterday. He was basking on one of the grass paths between plots until I disturbed him.

    We can hear pheasants in the paddock and the fields behind, but haven't seen one since we got the chickens. I think they have though! We get the occasional flapping and clucking warning sound - it's the pheasant or the neighbourhood cats I suspect.


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