Saturday, 16 May 2009

Yes, No, Yes

Yes - it is flippin' hard work!

No - there are no shortcuts.

Yes - it is worth it.

When the big heavy logs got too big & heavy I turned my attention to a pile of much smaller timber which had been laying next to the fence for over a year - amazing how time flies . I now have an area along the fence line completely clear which is, frighteningly, 72 feet long. This is from the corner where the Coppice starts to just behind the rowan with the hazelnut feeder. That's a lot of fence ...

Need to finish creosoting and attending to any rotten timber, then I can start on clearing the ground and preparing it for a hedge (yeah, yeah, yeah, famous last words . . .)


  1. But if you didn't have all this to do, you'd only be bored! (Ducking rapidly!)

  2. 72 ft of fencing to creosote!! I would find that immensely tedious - or is it one of those mindless jobs where you can elevate yourself into a Zen-like state...

    You will have considered a paint spray thing, I'm sure - I would think that it would be quite quick, but maybe there are 'cons' that I haven't thought of?


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