Sunday, 24 May 2009

When you love somebody

The somebody in question being the Bearded Collie part of the family . . . gardening takes a back seat.

Although we live in a bungalow, it is not all on one level. Hairy One was finding the steps down into the sitting room increasingly difficult, thankfully we know a carpenter who loves dogs as much as we do. This is our "wheelchair ramp" and has had to be built strongly enough to withstand our going up and down it, not just the dog! It also had to be fairly robust because, being blunt, we don't know whether it will be used for 2 weeks, 2 months or 2 years.

There is also a step out of the back door and our friends N & R have given us this wonderful heavy-duty and outdoor-proof ramp. It was originally bought to help their elderly Irish Wolfhound, sadly she is no longer with them and it's been sitting in the garage gathering cobwebs. I love living here, some folk are just so very, very nice. (It is not fixed and stands on it's side, nicely out of the way, when not in use)

Back to the garden - Sunday morning spent inserting a gate into the back fence in order that 4 legged member of the family can be taken directly out onto the grassed area for short walks. Himself and I rather pleased with our efforts seeing as carpentry is not one of our greater skills. Once it has been painted it will hardly show from the public side and in addition to being approved of by Canine One (who wandered through on his own accord and sat watching us work!), this makes it much easier to get to the other side of the fence for maintenance.

Then, as we were in "fence mode", Management and I worked together removing soil that had built up at the bottom of the fence. Managed the tall Coppice section and as far as the gate, hopefully will do the rest on Monday.


  1. Looks like your weather was as good as ours yesterday Bilbo, it would have been nice to lounge outside on my deck chair, I'm sure you agree! Love your doggie mods, I'm sure Fatcat wishes we would be so kind! What he doesn't realise is the deck will make his life much easier in the long run, he just has to suffer a little inconvenience now LOL.

  2. Lucky dog - but I'm sure he has known that for years!

    That fence is looking good now too.

  3. I'm impressed with the gate - it looks as though it's always been there!

  4. Is the Hairy One bright enough to work out that he can actually walk down the ramp out the back door if he keeps to the left, or does he mournfully look at the steps...?

    Love the gate too, and nearly invisible from the other side -I can see you feeling your way down for a while in order to find the latch!

  5. Hope the Hairy One appreciates all of your efforts and is around to make use of them for the next few years.

    The fence is looking good.

    Can you try and hold onto the good weather until the back end of this week as Husband and I might then make a trip to a campsite near you and maybe do a small fell or two.

    Have to admit if we do I might have to make a trip over to your neck of the woods to peer over the new gate and admire all your progress.

  6. Lucky dog, I bet he appreciates the changes you're making for him. The gate is brilliant, it looks "right" there.

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments, I always maintain 'normal' people would make modifications like this for their kids, and Ollie is the child we never had, so it seems quite reasonable to me to do all this!

    We were hoping the gate would look like it had always been there, just in case we ought not have done it (right of way onto public space???). Also don't want it too visible from the footpath.

    Hazel - Hairy One loves going down the ramp but prefers to go up the steps to come back in. He can still go 'up' OK, but it's the going down with his weight landing on sore shoulders that is most problematic.

    Angela, I know I'm brilliant but I don't think even I can guarantee Lakeland weather, will write to you directly.


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