Tuesday, 26 May 2009

What happens when Bank Holiday Monday is warm, sunny and dry?

Well, what happens is that Hobbit and Management spend far too long outside (as usual) and end up completely cream-crackered at the end of the day. However, we're both rather happy about it because by not planning and just doing whatever we felt like tackling, we got a HUGE amount done.

Despite grumbling earlier in the week, mad Hobbit was creosoting the Coppice fence at 10.00am, Management had more sense and came out later, and together we removed soil from underneath another huge area of fence.

With regular stops for tea, cold drinks, food, admiring of the view, and what felt like numerous short outings with His Hairyness, I managed to finish painting ALL of the low section of back fence, ALL of the outside of the high Coppice fence, and the inside of the shorter Coppice section. Whooppee do! This leaves just one tall section of Coppice fence to protect and then I'm done with nasty, smelly creosote for some considerable time.

Whilst I was dealing with the fence, Management spend hours up a ladder cleaning out the horticultural experiment which was our back gutter. When you can see things sprouting you know it's time to have a major clearing session! He extracted three buckets of lovely crumbly stuff that has been added to the compost heap, scrubbed everything down, cleaned the soffits and barge boards and as the hose was to hand, got carried away and washed down the back wall of the house as well. What a star - and he even resisted the temptation to point the hose at me, but finished by scrubbing bird poo off the garden chairs.


  1. What a productive day Bilbo, and to know that the awful gutter job just "got done" and can be ticked off your list, I love it when that happens ;o)

  2. You obviously had a brilliant day and got an amazing amount done.

  3. My sister is not a great home maintenance person - Dad always did it - so the other day we found a seven-foot length of her gutter with a flourishing sedum colony in - totally blocking the water flow of course. Himself cleared it out and I transplanted it to a bit of rubbly ground on our Village in Bloom wildflower area. Double result I hope!

  4. Thanks girls, it was a lovely day, and for some reason I didn't even mind the creosote (well, certainly not as much as earlier in the week).

    Unfortunately there was nothing as interesting as sedum in the gutter, but am very glad it is cleaned out because the clouds have descended and it is getting much use at present. I can barely see the church across the valley, it is going to be a very wet drive to Appleby today.

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  6. Amazing what a bit of warmth and sunshine can inspire. Even better you know some of the horrible jobs are out of the way.

    Th efence is lookiong good.

  7. I'll post that comment again so that it makes sense, shall I?!

    Just having someone else around (even if it's up a ladder over by the house!) makes a tedious task less so - camaderie, and all that!

    Light at the end of the tunnel with the creosoting? The fence looks so smart now!

    How many years will it last for before you have to tackle it again - or is it like the Forth Bridge and you do a bit each year...?

    PS That hosepipe would have been far too much of a temptation for me!

  8. Very posh fence! How can you be so horrible about Creosote? It's a lovely smell (Before you suggest it - no, I'm not painting the rest for you! I like the smell, not wearing it!)

  9. Well done that girl! great job done!
    What's next? veggie beds? and planting?

  10. Hazel, you made sense the first time (what does that say about me? {giggle}).

    Himself thinks the fence is going to get done every year, funny that, he's normally got a very high IQ . . .

    It is a bit Forth Bridge-like, but once we've cleared built-up soil from the bottom of the staves it will be easier to keep an eye on.

    Rachel - I don't mind the smell either, but you can have too much of a good thing.

    Granny - yes, getting on with veg beds next. Want to get a couple finished to use as nursery beds for all the lovely self-sown yew, holly & hawthorn I keep finding.


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