Sunday, 31 May 2009

Raised Bed #1

It's not perfect, and it is not completely finished (finials, wood preservative) but it IS full of soil and after a good soaking, ready to be planted up.

The original plan was to fill bed #1 with soil from #2 in order to reduce the number of times I handle each ton of soil (and fill #2 from the third and so on (when will I learn - plan is turning out to be a four-letter word). Saturday however, had different ideas. It was hot, very very HOT, not a breath of wind nor cloud in the sky and sitting on the ground between two beds, moving soil bit by bit was not funny (or very effective).

Eventually Management arrived and suggested that we abandon the ** (insert four-letter word) and fill bed #1 with its own soil - at least that way I could see a result for all the recent work. Bless him, I shovelled soil and he raked it level and broke up small lumps. He also pushed the wheelbarrow up the steep slope from the drive as we added (in total) 8 loads of that gorgeous nearly completely rotted cow muck.

Lots of lessons learnt: ensure perimeter is nearly level BEFORE putting frame in place, don't get ahead of yourself and dig over the base of the bed until all the woodwork is done, one of the corner posts is wonky and going to drive me nuts until I straighten it (!) and probably lots more besides. Management was right - it is lovely to look out at a full raised bed, only another 7 that size to go plus the really long ones around the sides . . .


  1. I wobnder how long it will be before you can no longer resist polanting something in it. Assuming of course your not already out there planting it up.

  2. As soon as the soil has settled a little and it's had a good wetting (rain forecast for Wednesday) it will be planted.

  3. Looking good Bilbo, the pain will soon be forgotten! Once you get a system going the next ones will be much easier.

  4. I agree with SewAli - the subsequent beds will be much easier!

    And - it goes without saying - it looks WONDERFUL. Well done. {hugs!}

  5. woohoo, you've got one ready to play in. That's real progress and I bet you can hardly wait to plant something. What will the first crop be I wonder?

  6. SewAli, Hazel you're totally right. Worked on second bed yesterday SUnday) and it was much faster.

    Sue, I'd be prepared to bet good money that none of my friends would guess what is going in the first bed . . .

  7. Well done! I'm sure it will all seem worth it, now you have the first one finished(ish)!! Hopefully we might manage to get up for a viewing in the next couple of weeks - perhaps things will have started to grow by then, and I don't mean weeds! You're on the home straight now at least.

  8. Hi Rachel, sorry not to reply to your email yet - will get to it before your holiday! Hope to see you whilst you're at Loweswater. How is Hattie in this heat?


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