Saturday, 23 May 2009

Rain stops play

A damp and dreich Friday morning meant that not much got done. When it brightened in the afternoon I made a start on the pile of timbers which will edge the beds. Unimpressed to find that the itsy bitsy tiny print on the builders' merchant Ts & Cs which says something about "nominal sizes" means that my boards that should be 96" long are somewhere between 94 and 95 inches. Grrr.

Spent much of the afternoon measuring every single board and moving them into size related piles. Ended up with 25 boards that are 95" long of which 8 have been cut into as near to exactly half as I can manage. At least this way the main beds will be of equal size.

Pleasantly interrupted when the wife of our local farmer (cow muck supplier extraordinaire) turned up for a coffee.

Saturday not looking much more productive. Cold, intermittent drizzle.


  1. That doesn't surprise me, Bilbo - assuming that the metric system has reached Cumbria {grin}, you will have been buying 2.4m lengths, I think - which is just about 94 1/2 inches.

    Annoying though, if you'd been working to 96"

  2. Oh: bum, poo and broken tiddlywinks! Hazel, you are completely right - thinking about it, the invoice said "2.4m" but I am trying not to participate in the metric element of the 21st century and still think in imperial (shows me age and all that!!).

    There I was thinking the builders' merchants were a bunch of cheats when in fact half the wood is 94¼ / 94½ and half is 95" so they have actually given me more than I ordered!

    I obviously need my young friends more than I realised to guide me through this modern age {giggle}.


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