Wednesday, 29 April 2009

No orchids were hurt in the making of this disaster zone (1)

01.00 - Ollie needs to go out. 20 minutes in wellies and dressing gown followed by cleaning him up.
03.50 - ditto
05.45 - ditto
06.10 - make the mistake of climbing back into bed
08.25 - wake up realising John and the crew would arrive sometime between 08.30 and 09.00.

Not a good start to the day (Tuesday 28th April), it could only get better. Instead it got worse - well, certainly in terms of mess, and mud, and more debris to be dealt with.

One of the Leylandii stumps in the area which has to be cleared for the shed & greenhouse. John was not impressed - it put up rather more of a fight than he expected.

The huge (4 foot diameter) stump of a eucalyptus tree which, thankfully, was felled before we came here. Fortunately partly rotted, it was removed by chopping it up in situ.

The middle-sized cherry stump which was in the way of the vegetable beds.

Never underestimate how far cherry roots will grow - some of these reached neaarly 40 foot away from trunk, well in excess of the crown of the tree which is normally considered the extent of root spread.

There are more pictures, will sort them out when my head is less fuggy.


  1. what a dreadful night you had - hope you get a better sleep tonight!

    That last photo looks like some giant alien has landed in your garden........

  2. Spot on Granny! You are right - it looked like something out of Alien, (think John Hurt, exploding stomach) YUK.

  3. Well one thing's for sure you'd still be digging that cherry tree stump out next year if you'd done it by hand.

    Looking forward to seeing the veggie patch developing now the obstacle is out of the way.

    Hope both you and Ollie have a much better night, he doesn't sound too good.

  4. Next year? Angela, you have way more confidence in our abilities than we do - I think it would be next decade, these things are HUGE!

    Thanks for the good wishes for Ollie.

  5. That must have been some sight as the digger pulled it and those roots just kept coming and coming...

    At least the wretched thing is now history - onward and upward with the home grown.

  6. Whooo! Better out than in, as they say! One more step..

  7. Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference - no comparison between the digger and your trowel LOL. Onward and upward as they say, you only have to do these things once!

  8. When I said a year I was only referring to the one stump, the one in the middle of your veggie patch.

  9. Bet you weren't allowed to play with that big toy! Things really are moving now - quite literally!

    Tricky for you to put your mind into the garden and dowsing antics at the mo, I know. {hugs}

  10. Hi Hazel, sorry it has taken me so long to catch up. You're right - I was not allowed to 'play' with the big blue beast . . . but watching John maneouvre the bucket with inch-perfect precision, I didn't complain too much!


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