Monday, 11 May 2009

Mr Hairy - the transformation

I was going to call this post "Mr Hairy No More" but then I realised you'd all think the poor chap had died!

Our wonderful vet, Clare Welford, pronounced him well enough to spend half an hour in the grooming parlour and felt that even if he didn't like the experience he would benefit greatly from being without a thick coat as we go into summer.

He seems to agree and has bounced around (well, as much as an unwell 13 and 11/12ths can bounce) since he came home. Ollie and I think he looks splendid like this, Management does not agree, however as Management does not do the grooming, cleaning or wearing of thick fur during the summer, his vote doesn't actually count, sorry.


  1. He looks like a new man ... er, dog! I'm sure his legs will be happy to have a bit less weight to carry around as well. I was just thinking reading the previous blog that he'd got a lot of fur!

  2. Thanks Ali, I call it the "puppy cut" and it certainly seems to have that effect on him (and no, I did not keep all the hair this year . . . I think Flummery has done enough knitting on my behalf!)

  3. It's taken years off him. Would it work on me too?

  4. It takes years of him. Mind I also say that when Sean has Angus and Casoer done.

    Have to agree that all that weight and insulation/fur wouldn't help him much if we actually get the hot summer they are promising us!!

  5. He looks good Bilbo.....much more like a dog and not the sheep he resembled before! grin.

  6. Granny's right - he doesn't look like a sheep any more, he looks like an 'ickle lamb! What a smart boy!


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