Tuesday, 19 May 2009

More than I realised

After the gales and deluge of yesterday, today is bright, breezy, perfect gardening weather. Unfortunately, Head Gardener wasn't feeling quite as bright and had one of those messy, flitting from job-to-job days which left me feeling a bit flat at teatime thinking I had not accomplished much.

When I thought about whether to post at Bag End I realised that I had done loads . . . and I should probably make more effort to note all the small jobs which normally go unremarked.

So - mix lots of newspaper with the grass clippings from the weekend and turn half of the heap.

* dig up a bucketful of creeping buttercup and leave on top of the compost pile so the roots can get thoroughly dry and dead

* move three barrowloads of cherry root to where the next bonfire will be. This is a horrible pile to deal with; our friend J. is on holiday in Cumbria next week and knows that these dratted stumps are all his should he want to tackle something significant during his vacation!

I was supervised by Mr Hairy who observed proceedings from the shade of a log pile which is how I discovered a blackbird nest hidden between the logs.

plus finishing the laundry, putting away everything that is dry (instead of leaving the socks in a basket on the floor to be fallen over six times before I move it), iron all Management's business shirts, vacuum and drive Canine One to a nearby disused quarry that he likes to walk in. Not forgetting getting all emotional on seeing that Rae McNab, Val Donnelly, Margaret Archibald and Coralin Pearson, students at the Newton Rigg campus of Cumbria University had won a Silver Medal at Chelsea - many congratulations ladies, fabulous garden and a well deserved medal.

Maybe I did more than I realise?


  1. All of that and housework, very impressive.

    I enjoyed watching the piece on Monday about how the garden was planned. The biggest problem is that my shopping list of plants I want in the garden gets bigger with each programme.

  2. I dare not even make planting lists at present! Every magazine or book I pick up leaves me thinking "oh yes, I could do that" but for now it's best I leave all those good ideas quietly lurking on the bookshelves until I am ready for them.

  3. I'll add Salvia guaranitica 'black and blue' to your list as well then.

    Saw some at the weekend as the centrepiece in pots - what a stunning blue! Sadly they didn't have any for sale, but did dig out the name for me :)

    You obviously don't get many cats wandering in your garden as that nest is but a lazy paw away. Our blue tits have a noisy brood in the birdbox, so with luck we'll be seeing some fledglings tumbling round the garden in the next couple of weeks.

    Nice to see Mr Hairy out and supervising your garden duties - he looks suitably relaxed.

  4. Well I don't understand why you feel you didn't get a lot done - that's loads!

    And call me a townie, but how the devil can you tell that that's a blackbird's nest? Even on close scrutiny it just looks like a bit of hay in the logs to me??

  5. You're not a townie. Easy to know it's a blackie nest because when I walked over to Hairy One, lady blackbird decided I was waaaay too close to her eggs and flew out of the nest at top speed nearly smacking me in the face on her way past.

    I now give the log pile a very wide berth and walk around as far away from her as possible. When I came back that way after Himself's morning walk I could see her sitting on the nest.

  6. True James, unlike our previous house where we had feline visitors every day (and Four Paws got really good at "suggesting" they left HIS garden), I don't think I have ever seen a cat this side of the fence at Bag End.

    Glad your blue tit babies sound like they are doing well.


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