Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A little over half way - phew!

A morning break in the wind and rain allowed a couple of hours of fence painting.

No photos of "paint drying" but before the weather sent me inside again I managed to finish the outside face of the back fence - all 155 feet of it. Then I realised that a small section of the inside (behind the log store) has already been done so HURRAH - we're more than half way through protecting that long fence.

And I deliberately say "we" because I've made a unilateral decision that Management can have the pleasure of doing the rest . . . Of course, before he does I need to get out there with a spade and clear away soil from the bottom of the timber.


  1. After reading this I'm feeling quite sorry for Management.

  2. Over half way is progress indeed - well done

  3. Because fence painting is tedious in the extreme and given that he will have to do it after/before work it may well take him years to match your mammoth effots.

  4. gosh you have been busy this week while I have been gadding about round the Quilt show at Malvern!
    You must now be one of the fittest young Hobbits ever!! grin.......

  5. I'd have rather been at Malvern with you Granny, the fence painting would still have been here waiting for me when I got back.

    As for fit, I don't think so. Managed to get out last Monday for a half-decent fellwalk and was rudely reminded that being "fit" for bimbling around the garden all day is absolutely NOT the same as being hill-fit. Oh my legs . . . . . .

    Sue - thank you sweetie, I'm fooling myself of course, it is only one half of that particular fence, am playing ostrich about all the others!

  6. Every bit you do is ... well, another bit done, I suppose.

    You'll (both?!) get the fence painting done in due course - keep looking at the 'before' pics to keep your chin up!

    And well done for getting up the fells - just to remind yourself why you're there! {grin}

  7. Thanks Hazel, after today, fence painting is going to be what I do to relax!


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