Sunday, 31 May 2009


I dug out this favourite bit of digital-movie last night, taken at Blea Tarn (Langdale) in September 2006. Ollie no longer has the strength to swim like this but remembering just how much pleasure he had (all those strange noises on the film are his grunts of pleasure!) I think Management and I might have to have a drive to somewhere with easily accessible water.

First however, we need to sort his medication out. Despite upping his PLT to the full dose (4 tablets per day), neither of us are convinced that it is making him feel any better than the Metacam did. It was hard to watch him yesterday trying to work out how on earth to lay down without it hurting on the way, and he had at least 4 "stabs" of pain from either his left hip or lower back, we're not sure which. Returning to vet tomorrow afternoon for a review. Am wondering if we go back to Metacam but increase the dose to above body weight (which is an option, even though it sounds like an overdose it wouldn't be).

Predictably the steroid component of PLT has given him increased appetite and thirst. Trouble is, he's not being more active to burn off the additional food and he's not wanting to get up more so we're concerned there will be some "accidents" as a result of the extra drinking. Roll on 2.40pm tomorrow when I can talk to Clare about this.

I'd love to see him do this again, even if it is just one last time.

Grasmere in May 2007 when we were on a "location hunting" visit prior to our move. There is also some great silent movie - because it was a new camera and I hadn't realised that you needed to turn the sound ON .... grrrrrrrrrrrrr.


  1. I remember that video of Ollie swimming, I thought it was so funny. Hope you can work something out for him at the vets this afternoon.


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