Monday, 18 May 2009

Medication Decision

Loving an elderly, arthritic dog involves making some difficult decisions.

Up to now, Ollie has received a daily dose of Metacam, the vet equivalent to Ibuprofen and this has done a good job as anti-inflammatory and painkiller. It is, however, no longer enough. Ollie's mobility has decreased significantly, he is in obvious discomfort when sitting down and getting up, and his left elbow is permanently swollen and causes him to stumble when walking. Our medication decisions have always taken into consideration the long-term effect on his kidneys, liver, heart, etc., and we have erred on the side of caution not wanting to cause another illness whilst we treated the first.

Today I met with our vet, Clare, and we agreed it was time for bigger guns. We are going to try treating him with Predno-Leucotropin which appears to be a "semi-steroid". Clare doesn't want to move directly to steroids because of side effects, but she understands our desire to make Ollie as comfortable as possible. The less his joints hurt, the more he will want to take exercise. The more exercise he takes, the better his quality of life will be. I've got a 2 week supply of PLT with permission to double the prescribed dose in 4 days time if the initial quantity doesn't seem enough. Fingers crossed . . .

All this was very tiring - so when we got home he had to spend half an hour in the garden "taking the air" (which today is gusting at 25 mph!) and now we have had to go for a snooze to recover fully!


  1. Bless he does look cute.

    Hope the medication works and he's soon pain free again.

  2. Thanks Angela, too soon to say whether the new medication is better than the Metacam but fingers crossed. Yesterday (first full day on pills) he was quite bright and keen to sit in the garden and watch me work - always a good sign!

  3. Fingers crossed that the new pills work and he is up and about again soon.

  4. Thanks Sue, still early days. Will hold off making a decision about the new medicine until the weekend. Tuesday he was quite interested in life, yesterday he didn't want to do anything, today doesn't look like it's going to be very active either {grin}.


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