Thursday, 28 May 2009

John Seymour

Some while back, Hazel recommended this book:

Although I do not currently need to know how to milk a goat, slaughter a pig, or sythe my own wheat field, as Hazel said "it also covers the most important black arts of crop rotation and getting the most out of the space available…"

Management left orders that I was to "go online and order myself some birthday gifts", I did exactly that, it was definitely a "book birthday" - still working my way through the other two! This is a fascinating volume although I found the introduction somewhat depressing - written in 1976 John Seymour's comments on how we need to change the way we use the earth's resources are still so very relevant they could have been written yesterday.


  1. I just love "book birthdays". In fact, I still have a couple I haven't read yet from my last one. I guess that's the trouble with having a birthday so soon after Christmas. What do you think Mrs Flum?

  2. Yes, he was ahead of his time, certainly (or is it that we are 30 years behind?)

    And you never know when you might need to know how to shoe a horse/make a cider press/salt beans/hand make bricks/improve the land drainage/weave baskets/joint a pig etc etc.....

  3. Quite right Sue - although I do get through books at an alarming rate - if I haven't still got one left it means I didn't order enough!


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