Saturday, 23 May 2009

Is the stoat back?

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something run across the driveway, too big to be a mouse, I hoped it wasn't a rat. A few moments later it popped up on the path to the front door. Despite leaping outside with a camera I didn't manage to get any pictures as it went off towards the log piles at the side of the house. It's exactly a year ago since Husband saw a Stoat in the back garden.

However, a quick search online suggests this was a Weasel.

Does not bode well for the blackbird nest. I am sure Mrs Blackie is sitting on eggs, unfortunately they would make a delicious weekend snack for this vicious little mammal.


  1. One being weasely recognised and the other being stoatally different!

    (I'll get me coat!)

  2. Hi Jayne. Weasels are far far smaller than stoats, so if you hardly saw it, it probably was a weasel - unless of course it was a rat! After all, we are never more than 20 yards from one. Wait till you get hens, you'll definitely get rats then ;-))
    Dare I say.... if you'd sprayed the turf off, the roots would have been brittle and breaking down in no time!! (I'm ducking already).

    On those two cheerful motes I'll say cheerio! Rachel

  3. Flummery - I love you, but not your jokes!

    Rachel, it was a weasel, I got a good look at it standing up wondering whether to go up the steps to our front door. I could clearly see size, shape, colour, definitely neither a rat or stoat.

    As for the turf, I did glyphosate it, perhaps by the time I get round to the last bed the blasted roots will have rotted {grin}. Having now done some further research on the effect of glyphosate on Mychorrizal fungi (amongst other things), Bag End is now completely chemical free. There are no shortcuts, ever.

  4. Bless the little thing - who would have had the biggest shock if it had come in the door do you think?!
    I don't suppose suggesting patience with the veggie plots would do any good would it (Grin)? The weather is the best soil management tool in the world, after all! I do like Jame's idea though. Concentrate on one at a time and get it planted up. Isn't it time you had some rewards for all this labour?


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