Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Gardeners' World

" fatuous and glib; irrelevant to the average gardener; dire; clueless; trivial, patronising drivel; condescending" are just some of the comments I have read recently on various gardening forums and message boards. For the first time in my adult life I no longer sit down on a Friday night to watch "the nation's favourite gardener" strut his stuff (it's time we had a woman in charge - I think Carol Klein should have got the job!)

Last week, however, I stumbled upon some re-runs of Geoff Hamilton programmes on UKTV Gardens (a channel which has since ceased transmitting - d'uh???). I had forgotten what pure gold they are - I've always liked Monty, and Uncle Alan does have a certain "something" about him, but Geoff Hamilton is, I believe, still the best presenter that GW has ever been privileged to employ and his early death was an incalculable loss to horticulture.

Thanks to the wonders of technology however, I can now enjoy nearly ten hours of classic gardening whenever I want:

and given that we are back to "typical" summer weather today, Amazon couldn't have delivered a moment too soon!


  1. Geoff Hamilton was an inspiration to me too Bilbo - and another Geoffrey - Geoffrey Smith who died recently. Both had a wealth of wisdom.

  2. Aha the wonderful GH shuffle :-)

  3. Not being a GW stalwart, I'm not in a position to comment on this contentious issue - mind you, having watched CK on 'Grow Your Own' series a couple of years ago, I can put a tick in the box marked 'genuine enthusiasm'.

    At the risk of being struck down in flames, I find GQT on R4 soooo smug. Mind you, it's the only time I can take Bob F seriously - if I am watching him, my mind is going 'snip, snip, SNIP!!'

    Is it just me.....? {grin}

  4. Move over Hazel, is there room on that pyre for both of us. I don't get on with GCT either, but most of that is because of the Chairman . . . who is also a Big Thing in Cumbrian tourism . . . nuff said before the slander & libel police come to cart me away.

    Flum, didn't realise GS had passed away, another lovely man, used to enjoy his progs too.

    Have put "Beechgrove" on Sky+, maybe that will help!


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